Capital security

Independence of Client Funds
Customer funds deposited with AM Markets are held in a separate bank account, separate from the company's funds. Upon receipt of any customer funds, the company shall immediately deposit such funds into one or more accounts (marked as "Customer" accounts) in any of the following institutions:

·  The central bank
·  Credit institutions
·  The third party bank authorized by the state
·  Qualified money market funds
Separate from the company's funds.
Investor compensation fund is set up in response to the British investment company cannot pay compensation cases, through the way of payment, it shall be guaranteed customer guarantees for British investment company claims: A - in the service for clients to provide investment, the investment company has failed to guarantee customer return owes the customer money or belong to the customer but held by the British investment company funds; Or B- return to a secured customer financial instrument belonging to such customer but held, managed or held in its account by the relevant Canada company.
In accordance with the rules and regulations of the Investor Compensation Fund, the total amount of compensation payable to each insured client shall not exceed £80,000 regardless of the number of accounts held, currency and location of investment services.
Investor Alert: The use of margin trading in foreign exchange involves a high degree of risk and is not necessarily suitable for all investors. You may lose some or all of your investment, so you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.
AM Markets is authorized and regulated by the  FINTRAC - Money services business (MSB) to separate customer funds from the company's own funds/accounts and the company processes customer funds for designated purposes only.