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Frequently  Questions & Answers

1. How can I open a live account with AM Markets?
Opening a live account and trading in AM Markets usually requires experience:
a. Submit an application for opening an account
b. Account opening information audit
c.  Account deposit, these three steps.

2. How do I know that my live account has been opened?
Once your live account is opened, you will receive an email containing your account name and instructions on how to access it.

3. How can I make a deposit into my account?
AM Markets offers you three simple ways to inject capital into your account:
a.  The deposit terminal (online banking) will be received within 2 hours.
b.  Bank telegraphic transfer (accepting US dollar, Pound sterling, euro, etc.), 3-5 working days.
c.   Union Pay remittance, 2-3 working days to the account.
Please contact us for more information.

4. When will my funds arrive in my account?
The time of receipt of funds depends on your method of remittance:
a.  Deposit terminal (online banking) : receipt within 2 hours after acceptance.
b.  Bank telegraphic transfer: 3-5 working days.
c.  Union Pay remittance: 2-3 working days.
Please note:
AM Markets will not accept third party remittance or withdrawal under any circumstances.
When handling international telegraphic transfer business, your bank or intermediary bank will charge a little fee as the service fee, the specific amount is subject to your local bank, please note that AM Markets does not charge you any fee.

5. How to make a withdrawal ?
Withdrawals under $100 from an international bank will incur a bank fee of $5 or the equivalent. Under the anti-money laundering policy, withdrawals from accounts without any transactions are subject to an additional 2.5 per cent fee. Please note that the name of the bank account holder receiving the account must be the same as that of the AM Markets trading account holder.

6. How can AM Markets guarantee the safety of my capital?
AM Markets strictly implements a customer money segregation system, where all customer money must be managed separately and kept in separate customer money bank accounts. AM Markets has good management and abundant assets, and our receiving bank is Lloyd Bank.
In addition, AM Markets strictly complies with regulations and purchases PI Insurance, which covers the company's and customers' funds. Even when the company has financial problems, customers can get full compensation to ensure the absolute safety and reliability of customers' funds deposited in AM Markets. AM Markets is committed to providing complete transparency by sending daily trading reports to customers, executing confirmations of in-gold and out-gold trades in real time, and filing transactions with the FINTRAC - Money services business (MSB) as required.

7.What is a third party?
When making a remittance or withdrawal to an AM Markets trading account, if the name of the bank account to which funds are transferred or transferred is different from the name of the AM Markets trading account, it shall be deemed as a third party remittance or withdrawal. These include, but are not limited to, a bank account name that is inconsistent with the trading account name of AM Markets, a company bank account that is used to inject capital into a personal trading account of AM Markets, and a check endorsement used to transfer money that is inconsistent with the trading account name of AM Markets.
In compliance with international anti-money laundering conventions, AM Markets will not accept third party remittances or withdrawals under any circumstances.

8. How to change the leverage ratio?
Live account customers log in CRM to change the leverage ratio. Please settle all positions in your account before submitting your application. Changes in leverage after submitting your application will normally take effect within 1 business day. Once approved, you will be notified by email.
High leverage and low margin in Forex trading can lead to significant losses due to changes in the prices of Forex trading contracts and cross-currency contracts. The client must always meet the minimum margin requirement for an open position. It is every customer's responsibility to monitor their account balances constantly. AM Markets has the right to liquidate any or all of its positions in the account in the event that the minimum margin required to maintain a position is not sufficient.

9. How to transfer money internally?
Internal transfer is available for all customers with 2 or more accounts with the same name in AM Markets. Please enter CRM to submit internal transfer form. Before submitting your application, please settle all the positions you need to transfer out of the fund account. AM Markets will process the application within 1-2 business days upon submission.