Spot Index Trading

Trade CFDs, a well-known index in Europe, America,Asia and Africa.

An index is a benchmark of the performance of a particular market or economic sector. The value of an index represents the overall performance of all the 

stocks that make up it and is calculated as a weighted average.
As opposed to individual stocks, indexes allow you to speculate on specific markets. Indexes are especially popular for investors who want to take advantage

of the changing fortunes of economic sectors.
AM Markets uses a "number of lots" trading mechanism, which means that all index products are based on standard contracts. These standard contracts

fully replicate the market value or part of the value of the corresponding index. The simplification allows investors to trade at the time of a standard 

contract corresponding to a fixed margin. In order to reflect the future situation more efficiently and maintain sufficient circulation, we set the minimum

trading unit shown in the figure below.