Spot Energies

Trade CFDs products for energy

Diversify your portfolio by trading spot energy CFDs products such as Brent and WTI crude.

The main categories of crude oil is U.S. oil, commonly known as West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and British Petroleum, or Brent. AM Markets offers you two physical crude oil trading, WTI-NYMEX and BRENT-IPE.
West Texas Intermediate (WTI-NYMEX)
All crude oil produced or sold in the United States is priced against WTI. The crude oil futures contract has good liquidity and high price transparency. It is one of the three benchmark prices in the world crude oil market.
BRENT crude is at the heart of today's global oil pricing system and is considered a "highly flexible tool for hedging risk and trading". About 70% of the international oil trade is based directly or indirectly on the price generated in the Brent market system.