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Only one account is needed to trade

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Trade a wide range of CFDs, including popular foreign exchange currency pairs, futures, indices, precious metals, energy and equity CFDs products, and easily trade global markets with finger pointed.

Various ways of deposit and withdrawal

We provide customers with a variety of payment methods, including wire transfer, debit / credit card, online payment, etc.

Competitive spread and no commission

Competitive spread and no commission

AM Markets

Just 4 steps to start trading

You can choose from a variety of payment methods. The method of payment varies depending on the chosen regulatory and residence. Based on dozens of international awards, commission is required for transactions on AM Markets platform

why choose AM Markets

Our strengths

Multiple trading varieties of CFDs, including the popularity Forex,Metals,Energy and Index. You can easily trading with your finger pointed through the whole world.

One hundred thousand trading accounts.

AM Markets had already served 73 countries customers.

Dozens of International Awards.

High service quality is continuously recognizes of AM Markets. We have dozens of International Awards until now.

Five Star Customer Service

Our professional multi-language customer service team provide you with excellent support.


It is well known that our canada MSB supervision is trustworthy and AM Markets is a reliable broker.

Provide Mobile Version

Use our mobile program to observe the market at any time and benefit from the ultra-low latency trading infranstructure and award-winning order execution with deep liquidity. We provide IOS and Android version.

  • Safety Electronic Wallet

  • MT4 Trading Account

  • Diverse of Deposit and Withdraw

  • Latest Economic Trends.

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News Center

Market announcement

In the AM Markets news section, we publish daily analysis, in-depth explanation, independent forecasting, and technical analysis. The AM Markets analyst team tried to make all the articles easy to understand and point out the important relationship between events.